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Just a few of the ways our Turbo Boost servers can increase performance include:. We understand web sites, businesses and projects come in all shapes and sizes. Why should your server be "one size fits all"? At A2 Hosting we let you design your perfect server. Whether you want more RAM, storage or configuration, we've got you covered. With our Flex Server Deployment, you should even have access to your server in minutes or less. We bet you'll have a hard time even having a pizza delivered that fast! Our SmartSystem Notifier automatically, and more importantly, immediately contacts our support team if it discovers your sever experiencing a hardware or software issue.

This means our team can correct that problem quickly, many times before you're even aware of it. The Smart System Notifier allows you to sleep soundly at 4 AM, not sitting up worried whether your business critical site is up and running. The Smart System Notifier is a great tool for keeping our team alert, but if you're experiencing a server event like high load or you have a full filesystem, we'll automatically notify you too!

While shared hosting and other solutions are very reliable, you do not share resources with other users on a Dedicated Server. That means those resources are working exclusively towards keeping your site up and running.

Of course we back it all up with our Cada uno de nuestros planes de servidor dedicado incluye una dirección IP gratuita. En A2 Hosting, usted alquila un servidor dedicado por un bajo precio mensual. El precio de alquiler de servidor dedicado es uno que usted puede presupuestar cada mes. Esto es especialmente de utilidad en caso de una falla en el hardware. Adicionalmente, no hay costos iniciales o de configuración en el alquiler de un servidor dedicado de A2 Hosting.

Ciertamente, al comprar un servidor, uno no tiene que preocuparse por costos de hospedaje mes a mes; pero primero, usted necesita una gran suma de dinero inicial para comprar su hardware y software y configurar su red. Want to buy a Dedicated Server? You will need to begin investigating the type of hardware you want to buy and wait for it to be shipped. That doesn't even include the time it will take for you to configure your server. That could take days or possibly weeks. Do you have that kind of time? What if you outgrow your Dedicated Server?

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Rent a Dedicated Server from A2 Hosting and it'll be ready for you in minutes or less! Rent your A2 Hosting Dedicated Server and you get the advantage of our team managing your hardware around the clock. Our Dedicated Servers are a worry-free solution! Todas estas funciones pueden parecer impresionantes, pero si usted no sabe qué es en primer lugar hospedaje dedicado, probablemente no le importen mucho. Cuando usted compre un servidor dedicado de A2 Hosting, usted obtiene todos los recursos incluidos en el plan de servicio de su elección.

El ancho de banda, RAM y transferencia de datos son de uso exclusivo suyo. Consejos para el desarrollo Web, estrategias de marketing y novedades de A2 Hosting enviadas a su email. Usamos cookies con el fin de personalizar para usted nuestro sitio Web y analizar el uso de éste. Hospedaje de servidor dedicado. Elija su nivel de administración de hospedaje de servidor dedicado. Servidor Flex no administrado.

Ideal para programadores. Use el código: Discount SSD Server.

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Fully managed with SSD. Use code: Servidor Flex administrado. Completamente gestionada con acceso root.

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Reseñas de hospedaje dedicado Muchos clientes satisfechos confían en A2 Hosting para sus necesidades de servidor dedicado. A continuación una muestra de lo que nuestros clientes tienen que decir sobre nuestro hospedaje de servidor dedicado. Servidores ultra-confiables Depend on A2 Hosting! Hospedaje Web Linux vs. Hospedaje Linux. Panel de control cPanel Choose v 5. We're available around the click to help!

We won't give away all the ingredients to our special speed recipe, but we'll show you a few reasons why we're faster than competing hosts. All of our speed optimized solutions make up our SwiftServer platform.

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Our SwiftServers are available on each of our hosting solutions. Here are a few of the features that make up our SwiftServers:. Do you still have a question about our web hosting services? We have an answer! Just visit our Contact page for assistance now! After contacting our esteemed support team, appropriately named the Guru Crew, you'll see that the quality of support we offer is just one of the clear advantages of choosing A2 Hosting for your web host needs! We have carefully handpicked our support team selecting only the best and brightest brains in our industry.

That way users like you get only fast, knowledgeable and accurate answers to your questions. Whether you prefer to speak via live chat, via email or on the phone, we've got you covered! If you have a question pertaining to a software or another solution that we're unfamiliar with, rest assured that we'll do our due diligence to research that solution for you.

We'll quickly let you know how that solution can be supported by our server and make it available to you if possible.

Are you a user who prefers to find answers to your own website hosting questions? We've got you covered there as well! That's because we have a Knowledgebase loaded with answers to the most commonly asked questions and not so common questions by our customers.

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We've also spent countless hours loading our knowledgebase with helpful, step-by-step guides complete with screenshots and images to help you along the way. It's going to be a truly invaluable resource for you! The Newspaper WordPress Theme: An Honest Review. Think of the last slow loading site you visited. How would you describe the experience?

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Now imagine if that slow website was actually yours. Those aren't feelings you want your visitors to have about your site. Choose A2 Hosting and that won't be something you will have to worry about. Your site speed is critical. Site speed impacts your SEO rankings, bounce rate, visitor satisfaction and most importantly your conversion rate. That's why you need to select the fast web hosting provider.

That's why you need A2 Hosting. We're the website hosting services provider who offers the very best hardware, software, network and configurations. We speed optimize the most popular software for you so you don't have to. You can even choose our Turbo Servers featuring up to 20 X faster page loads compared to competing web hosting services on each of our Windows and Linux hosted solutions including:. Our Shared Website Hosting solutions are the perfect high speed and user-friendly solution for your personal blog or web site.

Each Shared Hosting account is fine-tuned to offer your site the very best in performance and reliability. You will also discover fine-tuned, fully Managed WordPress Hosting perfectly designed whether you are a new or an advanced WordPress user. Our Reseller Website Hosting options are designed to make it easy to host your own customers. Host them with ease on our high powered and ultra-reliable servers! Our white-labeled Reseller solutions make it easier than ever to launch your very own hosting business without having to worry about hardware or setup. Choose a VPS account when you want more power than a Shared Hosting account , but you're not quite ready for your own Dedicated Server.

Our VPS accounts include both Managed and Unmanaged options depending on your support and configuration needs.

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A Dedicated Server is your ultimate website hosting solution! The entire server and all of its resources are dedicated to powering your business or enterprise website. Our Dedicated Servers offer both Managed and Unmanaged options depending on your specific requirements. Consejos para el desarrollo Web, estrategias de marketing y novedades de A2 Hosting enviadas a su email.